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Pre-launch Roadmap

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Choose from US or ASX-listed stocks and ETFs and invest in top companies that align with your investment goals and values. Discover stocks at NYSE, NASDAQ, ASX, and other stock exchanges.

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Use Finder to navigate among all the assets. Set your requirements and filters to effortlessly choose the right assets to invest in.

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Gain detailed insights into your portfolio, discover the latest news, and read assets’ analyses from leading agencies and global investment banks such as UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Macquarie Group.

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Learn investment with our free education course for both novices and intermediates. And there’s more: regular education updates, in-app tips, hints, and lifehacks for achieving your investment goals.

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Smart Stop Loss

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Postponed orders

Invest even when the exchange is closed

24/7 human support

Resolve your questions with an attentive person on the other end.

Investing made easy, simple & fun

We’re making investing clear, simple and accessible for all of you

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you wan

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